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Birthdate:Sep 15
Location:(states/regions/territories), Canada
Xander obsessive since 2002, with an initial craze for Xander/Spike and a more recent Xander/Giles convert, with a sideline in reading Xander with Angel(us), Lindsey or Oz and a guilty fetish for Xander/Riley. You may have detected a running theme *g* I also have a kink for really good Xander/Faith. In more recent years I'm just happy to find any decent Xander related fic. :)

In case anyone is curious, I discovered recently that there is another Sparrow2000 (note the capital S) on and Tumblr. Just to let folks know that isn't me *g*

With apologies to Anthony Bourdain...

I write in the Buffy 'verse. I started off with Spike/Xander, and still love the pairing but over the last few years I've written a lot of Xander on his own because I find it fascinating to explore all the different facets of the boy and it's also fun to wind his key and see how he reacts to whatever new trauma I'm putting him through...

If you're new to this particular bird table, feel free to wander through my memories - hopefully there is something for everyone there - or you can find a list of all my stuff on my Master list

I read in the Jossverse, NCIS, Sentinel and most recently Merlin and Sherlock. I read Slash, Gen and Het as the mood takes me - my only criteria is that the story interests me and keeps my attention.

I rec in any 'verse where I find good writing, because good writers should be supported and I believe in spreading the love. I have a series of genre-based rec lists mostly featuring Xander (what you're surprised!). Click on the link for Sparrow's Bat Shit Crazy Rec List Project.

From October 2006 - October 2008 I posted faithfully every week at tamingthemuse through sun, rain and moving half way across the world. These are the pretty milestones I got along the way...

Over the last few years some lovely people have voted for some of my stories at a few of the Buffy 'verse awards site. I am very lucky to have such generous readers. Pets the pretties...

Taming the Muse 30 week posting award

Taming the Muse 75 week posting award

Taming the Muse Goddess

Taming the Muse 75 weeks

Taming the Muse 2 year posting award

March 2007, Perceptions got a Judges Choice award at the Forbidden Awards

Taming the Muse 104 weeks

 photo ecstacy-sparrowPerceptions.jpg

April 2009, my Vamp Xander story, Daddy's Boy won Most Under Appreciated Fic of 2008 at the Shades of Grey Awards

October 2009, my Xander angst fest Memento Mori got a lovely nod at the Sunnydale Memorial Awards.

Shades of Grey Awards Winner photo sogawinnerround24.jpg

Sunnydale Memorial Awards 18 Runner Up Best Gen photo SunnydaleMemorial18AwardsRunnerUp.jpg

October 2010, my Angel(us)/Buffy ficlet Masks got a shiny bauble at the No Rest For the Wicked Awards

October 2011 Magpie won at the White Knight Awards. I was thrilled to bits!

NRFTW Rd4 Best Drabble Runner Up photo NRFTWr4sparrow2000drabblerunnerup.jpg

 photo wka2011-ludicrouswinnerformagpie.png

January 2012 - Magpie got a couple of shiny things at the Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction Awards. Like this…

And this...

Runner up best Gen - Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction awards Rd 25 photo SunnydaleMemorialFanfictionAwardsR25gen2.jpg

Best Angst Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction Awards Rd 25 photo SunnydaleMemorialFanfictionAwards_R25_Bestangst1.jpg

And a lovely way to finish 2012 were these wonderful pretties from the White Knight Awards

WKA 2012 Best Author photo Awards_WKA2012_BestAuthor_zps753c7c02.png

WKA 2012 Guess Who Just Got Mean photo Awards_wka-2012-guesswhojustgotmean-sparrow_zps3604b0de.png

Just when I thought my smile couldn’t get any bigger, I got these lovelies from Round 27 of the Sunnydale Memorial Awards </td>
WKA 2012 World Without Shrimp photo Awards_wka-2012-worldwithoutshrimp_zps1bc07533.png
<td valign="TOP">
sunnydale memorial awards rd 27_best characterisation_winner photo sunnydalememorialawardsround27_bestcharacterisation_male_zpsa8c30564.jpg</td>

sunnydale memorial awards rd 27_best drama_runner up photo sunnydalememorialawardsround27_bestdrama_runnerup_zps7ccfb9a1.jpg

sunnydale memorial awards rd 27_best unconventional pairing_winner photo sunnydalememorialawardsround27_bestunconventionalpairing_zpsc70f9412.jpg

sunnydale memorial awards rd 27_best post series finale fic_runner up photo sunnydalememorialawardsround27_bestpostseriesfinalefic_runnerup_zpsb865f90d.jpg

sunnydale memorial awards rd 27_best fluff_runner up photo sunnydalememorialawardsround27_bestfluff_runnerup_zpsfc2c180d.jpg

2013 got off to a lovely start with this shiny from Rd 4 of the Absence of Light Awards

And it was like all my birthdays had come at once with Rd 28 of the Sunnydale Memorial Awards

Absence of light Awards_Best Ficlet _Rd 4 photo WhispersofFuturesPast_Bestficlet_AbsenceofLightAwardsrd4_zpsbeba6482.png

sunnydale memorial awards rd 28 Best AU runner up photo sunnydalememorialawardsrd28_bestAU_rup_zps723ee41a.jpg

Sunnydale Memorial Awards rd 28 Best Gen photo sunnydalememorialawardsrd28_bestGen_zps0843bb28.jpg

Sunnydale Memorial Awards rd 28 Best Quickie Fic photo sunnydalememorialawardsrd28_bestquickie_zpsf0bafbd9.jpg

Sunnydale Memorial Awards rd 28 Best TV Xover runner up photo sunnydalememorialawardsrd28_bestxovertv_rup_zps2b029013.jpg

Sunnydale Memorial Awards rd 28 Best OC runner up photo sunnydalememorialawardsrd28_bestOC_rup_zpsf25164ad.jpg

I was thrilled to get lovely recognition at the 2013 White Knight Awards, because Xander is my boy...

WKA Awards 2013 Author photo wka-author2013_zpsb80dce41.png

WKA Awards 2013 Vamp Xan photo wka-mean2013_zps6de41071.png

WKA Awards 2013 Best Quickie fic photo wka-shower2013_zpsaad106cf.png

Autumn 2013 started wonderfully with this recognition from Rd 10 of the No Rest for the Wicked Awards

Sunnydale Memorial Awards rd 28 Best Comedy runner up photo sunnydalememorialawardsrd28_bestcomedy_rup_zps109d32c0.jpg

Wicked Awards 2013 Best Drabble Runner Up photo r10sparrow2000heartofgoldrunneruppngoriginal_zps61ca78e2.png

Autumn 2013 got even better with this shiny from Rd 10 of the Running with Scissors Awards that just made me bounce

RWSA round 10 Cracks in the World Runner up photo RWSAround10Cracksrunnerup_zpscf8faadd.png

Sunnydale Memorial Awards Rd 29 brought 2013 to an amazing end with these pretties. As always, I was thrilled to bits.

Sunnydale Memorial Awards Rd 29 Best Author Runner Up photo SunnydaleMemorialAwardsR29author2_zpsf632ca86.jpg

Sunnydale Memorial Awards Rd 29 Best TV Crossover Runner Up photo SunnydaleMemorialAwardsR29crosstv2_zps7d919e56.jpg

Sunnydale Memorial Awards Rd 29 Best Gen photo SunnydaleMemorialawardsR29gen1_zpsed4fdafe.jpg

Sunnydale Memorial Awards Rd 29 Best Fluff photo SunnydaleMemorialAwardsR29fluff1_zps0398ce91.jpg

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