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So here we go again, with sparrow’s annual attempt to remember some of the fandom things I’ve enjoyed this year. As always, it’s not an exhaustive list because god knows the brain cell isn’t getting any younger, so if I wildly applauded something during the year and don’t mention it here, it isn’t because I’ve changed my mind, it’s just that I forgot to take a note of it at the time.

I will say this is a shorter list than usual because the year has just disappeared on me. I also have a scary list of things that I’ve either still have to start, or to catch up on if I’d started and then got sidetracked by that pesky RL stuff.

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Well, it’s that time of the year again when I pootle aimlessly through some of the fic and other fannish things I’ve read and enjoyed this year. As always, it’s not a definitive list because my brain cell sometimes goes on holiday and forgets to take a note of what I’ve been reading, so as always, apologies to anyone who I forget to mention. Anyway here goes...

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I have a case that would be worthy of Sherlock himself investigating. The case being that at the start of the year I diligently started keeping a note of links for stories I wanted to highlight in my end of year review. In some cases I even did the rec as well while the story was fresh in my mind. And because of my hard drive crashing last year when I lost stuff because I’d been less than diligent in my backups, this year I very carefully backed everything up to drop box. Then come September when I went to add more stuff I’d read through the summer, the entire document was gone, vanished, never called me mother! I have no idea what happened to it and it disappeared from drop box as well. Sigh...

However all was not lost because the moment I put this post up, the lovely [ profile] draconin pointed out that it is possible to retrieve deleted files from Dropbox, a fact that I was unaware of. And so I have been able to find about another few recs that had got trashed, which is brilliant. Having said that, I don't think I read as much new stuff as normal this year anyway. With the move and being unsettled, I think I've done a lot of comfort re-reading this year, so even without the weirdness, this list probably wouldn't be as long as some other years. Anyway on with the motley...

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So here we are again with my annual round up of the fandom things that have caught my eye this year. Most were written in 2013, but there is the odd thing that was written earlier that I only came across this year because I was late to the party, on another planet or otherwise not keeping up with the cool kids.

I should say that this list is missing some stuff mainly because my hard drive crashed in September and being a very negligent sparrow I hadn't backed up recently and I lost a pile of stuff including the links I'd been saving through the year. So heartfelt apologies to anyone I've missed because of my forgetfulness and general computer chaos.

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Well, the world didn’t end, so here we are again with a round up of my fic year. Looking back in my computer I’m kind of shocked to realise I started doing this is 2005. Wow, the fic landscape has changed a lot in the last seven years – authors have come and gone, kerfuffles have risen and fallen, and crack fic on everything from fairy Spike to penguin sex has blown our minds.

This year is no different, and while I can acknowledge that my corner of the Buffy fandom is quieter, there is still a lot of wonderful stuff out there to enjoy. And as is my habit, I’ve been dipping my toe in the water of a couple of other fandoms as well where I get a great rec or come across a brilliant story.

So here’s a cross section of the fandom stuff I’ve read, enjoyed, been involved in, or just shaken my head and gone, wow, did you see that, or did I just imagine it.

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So, here I am again, rambling at you all in a fairly incoherent manner about some of the things I’ve been reading in our particular sandbox, and a couple of others where I’ve got a weekend pass. I know I say this every year, but this list isn’t a full rundown of everything I’ve read this year, or even of everything I’ve loved, so please accept my annual apology if I cuddled your story to death at the time, and don’t mention it here. It doesn’t mean I don’t still love it, it just means my brain cell was being used by one of my many other split personalities, so I didn’t actually write it down in my notebook at the time.

So with that caveat, here’s a taste of what this little bird has been enjoying this year.

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So here we are again in December – doesn’t it come around fast. I find it kind of mind blowing that I started doing these fic round ups in 2005 and it’s interesting looking back to see which authors I’m still following, and who has moved on to pastures new. But the great thing is, that even with the authors who are playing in new fandoms, I’ve still kept a lot of really lovely friends and that’s the best thing of all.

Wow, I almost started to get philosophical there, but that would just be wrong and disturbing, so instead, I’ll just get on with the fun.

As always, this is just a sample of some of the fandom doings that I’ve been following this year that stuck in my mind. It’s not definitive – I’ve read stuff that I enjoyed that isn’t mentioned here, simply because I wasn’t clever enough to note it down at the time. So if I don’t mention something, please blame it on the rapidly atrophying brain cell.

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My Fic Year

You can tell Christmas is just around the corner when my ramblings about some of the fic I’ve enjoyed this year pops up. I must admit I haven’t read nearly as much as normal this year – a combination of RL stuff and perhaps me being really weird about the kind of stories I was in the mood to read this year. Anyway, this year’s list is short – like me, but is also beautifully formed – not like me *g* So, without further ado…

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Well, it’s that time again when I ramble aimlessly about some of my favourite fic from the last year. I should say that I haven’t read nearly as much as normal this year, so it’s a relatively short post, but I plead major real life stuff getting in the way – this whole moving continents lark put a serious dent in my reading. Having said that, I would like to say that having such wonderful fic to lean on really helped me get through some of the harder bits of this year, especially the first couple of months when I had a few long dark nights of the soul – you guys and your fabulous stories, and the wealth of great stories from previous years really gave me a safe place to go when I had moments of doubt as to whether we’d done the right thing in making the move.

I should also say, that I haven’t keep the records that I normally keep through the year, so there’s a pile of stuff that I’ve read and loved that I didn’t take a note of, so apologies now for any glaringly missing stories, of which I know there are probably many.

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Well, it’s that time of the year again when I ramble incontinently about some of the stuff I’ve been reading this year which has really stuck in my head. As ever, it’s not exhaustive, I will have forgotten something/someone vital so please accept a blanket apology now – I didn’t mean to forget, honest!!!

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Okay, boys and girls, vampires and demons and you weird yellow spiny thing standing at the back. It’s time for Sparrow’s patented annual round up of the fic that floated my canoe this year. There are all the usual suspects, but what’s been really nice is that in my wandering around LJ land and other places I did come across some gems from authors I’d never heard of, which is always fun.

As ever, these picks are in no particular order and if I don’t mention something, it isn’t because I hate it, just that I drink far too much red wine and my brain cells are beginning to leak like the proverbial sieve.

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As this time of year seems to be a period of reflection where everyone and their auntie makes lists of the Top 10 this, that and the next thing, I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon and make my own list of some of the most memorable fic I’ve read this year. I’ll try to a quick summary for anyone who hasn’t come across a particular story, so ignore me if grandmothers and egg suckage come to mind.

I should say that this is by no means an exhaustive list, just some of the titles which float to the top of my fevered little brain. If I don’t mention a particular story or god forbid a particular author, please don’t be offended and blame my encroaching old age and diminishing number of brain cells for any major omissions..

BTVS Het – ‘cause yes I do read het sometimes! )

BTVS Slash – a much longer list! )

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The Sentinel fic )

Well this post has ended up being a lot longer than I anticipated and at the same time still doesn’t cover all the stories I’ve enjoyed this year. I know the minute I post I’ll probably remember 6 other things I wanted to talk about but I’ll call it a day now. So thank you to all the authors who’ve given me so much pleasure this year and I look forward to seeing what your extremely creative and often very twisted minds come up with in 2006.

Happy Hogmanay for the 31st and I’ll ramble to you all again in the new year.
S xx
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