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Title: Flash Photography
Characters: Me and him
Written for [ profile] tamingthemuse prompt: Eidetic
Rating: innocuous
Warnings: nothing really
Summary: A relationship as a series of images
Word Count: 573
Beta extraordinaire: [ profile] thismaz

It’s Mr Sparrow’s birthday this week. I wanted to tell him how I feel when I look back on our life as a series of moments caught in time. I close my eyes and I’m right there.

Flash Photography )
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Title: The Key
Fandom: None – Original Fic
Written for [ profile] tamingthemuse prompt:: Temptation
Type: Gen
Rating: nothing to worry about
Warnings: nothing really
Summary: Sometimes you get a gift that stays with you forever
Word Count: 874
Beta extraordinaire: [ profile] thismaz

Realisations is on hiatus for a week. I’m away a bit this week and don’t have time to give it the care and attention it deserves. But it will be back next week, promise. In the mean time here’s a bit of original stuff. I’ve been going to a autobiographical writing workshop these last few weeks, which has been interesting and allowed me to close the book on a few things as I move forward into a new phase in life. Here’s something I’ve been working on in response to the class prompt of Teacher/Mentor and temptation seemed an appropriate trigger for the subject matter.

The Key )
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Okay, I did it again. Hopefully this week I'll actually post at [ profile] tamingthemuse as my word count is okay.
This thing is pretty personal to me, so I hope people enjoy.
Thanks to my lovely [ profile] thismaz for her comments and sorting out my commas.

Title: Counting Down the Years
Fandom: None – Original story
[ profile] tamingthemuse prompt: Father’s Day
Warning: Possibly tissues
Rating: U
Summary: Memories in a graveyard

Word count: 785

Counting Down the Years )


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